Why we do this:

The Next Level in treating Burnout

Impact on society & figures

What could be the reason that we, a group of technological and medical specialists, scientists and therapists, decide to develop a smart and innovative solution for burnout? We will explain you here:

Burnout causes an important financial risk for business and society. In The Netherlands in 2015 the financial damage for business was €6,9/billion (124.000 employees were unfit to work). The extent of the financial damage to society (inflow into the WIA benefit) has not been calculated. The effect on the quality of life, is difficult to measure. But if we look at the figures, it is not hard to imagine what happens to your life, if you are struck by burnout.

We believe that the time is right, to join forces, to bring a smart burnout solution to the market.

Some figures:

Publication of the Radboud University of Nijmegen in 2013: 

  • 75% Of the patients with burnout will recover in average 118 days. Some keep having rest complaints.
  • 25% Of the patients and are not able to work after 2 years. The employment contract is dissolved and these employees receive a benefit from the State.

These figures relate to the number of employees who became unfit to work as a result of burnout. In addition, there is a group of employees with burnout complaints, who have not yet reported sick. These people function sub-optimal.

Burnout:                2013   –  2015  –  2016

Complaints:         12,4%  –  14%* – 14,6%

Unfit to work:      80.000 – 124.000 – ?

*14% Of the labor force in 2015, was 1,2/mill employees

Another worrying fact is that the largest group of people with burnout are getting younger and younger. In the 1980s it was the 50+ group. In the 1990’s this shifted to the 40+ group. Recent figures show that the largest group is now around 30 years old. Even young people in high school can not function as a result of burnout.

It seems that burnout is becoming a serious problem. Not only in The Netherlands. This problem occurs in more Western countries.